Co-founder of, developer, designer, and beer geek.

During the last few years I have spent both my work time and free time developing dynamic, UI rich websites and apps for a wide variety of applications and businesses.

Specialties: Javascript, React, Ionic, Electron, AngularJS, PHP, MongoDB, SQL, UI/UX, iOS, Android & Node.js.

Creator of Crunchbutton, Mail Priness, Tipsy, Cluckbutton, Cheryl, Squirrelly,, Timeout, OS Gallery, OS File Manager, Colos, and a contributor to lots of fun things.

Current Obsessions: React, Electron, Unity and everything hybrid.


Co-founder & Lead Architect

February 2016 to Present

Agency Enterprise

Co-founder of a Web Development and Data Science studio based in Los Angeles. Primarily responsible for internal projects, and partially responsible for client proposals, talent acquisition, product & UI design, development, dev ops. Created projects using Sketch, React, Ionic, Angular, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, Unity and many others.

CTO & Co-founder

April 2012 to February 2016


Co-founder of a Los Angeles based development team focused on simplifying the online food ordering experience. Responsible for mobile & desktop design, development of a PHP REST API that ties into our MySQL database, development of a secure admin panel for management, partners, & drivers, development of a responsive web site using AngularJS, development of our iOS app using PhoneGap, and mixing cocktails.

Chief Technology Officer

July 2008 to September 2012 LLC

Responsible for development and management of propriatary mobile giving platform's software, website, backend, and hardware. Built an extendable and dynamic platform using CentOS, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery, as well as a robust reporting and management portal. Responsible for all creative direction, branding, and website content.

PHP Architect

September 2009 to August 2012

Luma Pictures

Responsible for creating and maintaining internal reporting & resource management tools based in PHP/MySQL, as well as Luma's company website build on PHP, and designed in Photoshop. Complete port of hundreds of production related scripts to an MVC resource management web app, custom ticket system implementation for the merge of Redmine with in-house system, direct integration with staff timesheet to Administaff payroll, port of the MVC framework to use Colaby API, custom external interface that integrates with internal tools to allow clients to access part of our project management system, and countless other awesome feats.

Senior Software Developer

March 2009 to September 2009

Eyemagine Tech

Primary responsibilities included developing back end architecture to spec and to coding standards using PHP and Zend Framework. Additionally developing ajax driven front ends that implement mootools and intuitive, sleek user interfaces.

Web Engineer

October 2005 to May 2006

Simple Star

Primarily focused on front and backend developments of Tasks included developing smarty templates to design spec for use on PHP/MySQL running on FreeBSD, as well as developing and integrating multi-lingual localization functionality and implementation into a PHP/Java backend.

Founder & CEO

April 2005 to August 2009


Started as an autoit automation script for bands, and expanded into a suite of reselable desktop applications for Windows & Mac providing automation of much of the interface for end users; including friend request accepting, bulk messages, event notifications, friend finding, etc. Built multi level remote licensing system for scalable upgrades, licenses, addons, and software updates using a custom PHP REST backend. Created a scalable affiliate & reseller platform with built in analytics & payroll dashboards. Negotiated reseller agreements with competitors and partners to maintain industry ownership. Built PayPal clone payment platform from scratch to support self, partners and competitors. Created & managed sales, customer support, and development teams while remaining profitable from day one.

Senior Web Developer

May 2005 to October 2005

E-mpire Ltd. Co.

Develop and manage innovative, dynamic content management system ideas utilizing mainly PHP, MySQL, and DHTML. Create and develop architecturally sound new ideas for the dynamic web content industry with built-in advanced SEO strategic systems. All systems designed to be platform independent on FreeBSD and RedHat Enterprise 3.

Web Application Systems Engineer

March 2005 to January 2007

Owl Technology

Design and develop web based applications for media promotion, distribution and sales, utilizing tools such as PhotoShop, PHP, Perl, Flash, ActionScript, and JavaScript. Services include internet radio, shopping cart, forums, global artist/label location map, tour location map, boolean search features and SEO work. Works shown on, hosted and developed for FreeBSD.

Senior Programmer / R&D Lead

April 2004 to February 2005

Zepa Studios

Creation of online multiplayer environments with the use of MS VC, mSQL, Bryce 3D, MilkDrop, and PhotoShop. Developed server-client connection classes, server environment, multiplayer engine, and client side world maps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Managed team responsibilities and day to day activities.

Web Developer / Designer

December 2003 to January 2005


Design, create, and maintain ideas of developing dynamic, interactive web content using PHP to Flash remoting, PHP, ColdFusion, Flash MX, ActionScript, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, and PhotoShop. Responsible for creating and maintaining dozens of websites.

Technical / Network Support

July 2001 to January 2003


Maintained datacenter composed of HPUX, RedHat Linux, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Cisco Pix, Tandem (HP Nonstop Himalaya Series) and other Cisco infrastructures. Received merchant processing troubleshooting calls and addressed accordingly. Main use of monitor tools included mSQL and in-house developed ColdFusion apps. Daily tasks included fraud prevention / reporting, and server maintenance.


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