Devin's Bloody Mary

  • 4 oz Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix
  • 2 oz Absolute Vodka, or Grey Goose, or Kettle One [Citron] few pinches of fresh cilantro
  • half a fresh lime's juice
  • ½ oz J. Wilbur Bloody Mary Seasoning
  • ¼ oz Dimitri's Chilies & Peppers Bloody Marry Seasoning
  • Dimitri's Bloody Mary Spiced Rim Salt

Shake all with ice and strain into a spice rimed glass filled with ice (fills an american pint glass). Garnish: Baby Pickle, Cocktail onion, olive, and lime wedge (or just be creative and awesome). Optional: Strain with a mesh strainer for a more smooth taste, and serve with minimal ice.