Devin Smith

Co-founder of, developer, designer, and beer geek

The Good Stuff


The Results

Mobile Apps

Those apps don’t build themselves. Thats why I’m here. I have contributed and published dozens of iOS & Android apps.

I am a huge fan of hybrid technologies like React Native, Ionic, and Cordova.

Desktop Apps

Starting with Visual Basic, and working my way up to C# and Objective-C, I have produced and contributed to several production app.

Lately I am focused on using hybrid desktop app tech like Electron.

Web Development

I rock over 15 years of both front and backend web development experience. I am a full stack developer with a passion for all things web.

I am a huge fan of Expo and Next.js.

UI/UX & Design

What’s a website or app without a great user experience? Garbage. Making users happy is one of my favorite aspects of my job/career/life.

I'm into responsive design, Sketch, and Zeplin.

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