WoW Stat 3

It’s been years since i’ve played wow, but it turns out that Titanium’s servers no longer host the libraries to run my old version of WoW Stat, so I decided to try redoing it in Electron.

It’s basic, but its built in javascript/html/css and compiled as a desktop app for both Windows and macOS.

I even got a new domain name for it. Check it out at

Male Princess

Mike drew a pretty princess on our whiteboard while we were working on Mail Princess. So we just had to.

Come check out the Male Princess.

Single page GitHub wiki generator

GitHub has a great markdown powered wiki editor that is good for some wikis but not always great for technical documentation. Today I finished up Github Wiki Single Page. This project allows you to enter any GitHub wiki that contains a sidebar, select a Bootswatch theme, and generate a single page version of it. This works great for searching through docs.

Have a look at the example using Tipy’s Wiki.

Tipsy featured on homepage of


Lee of Coveralls just added Tipsy to the front page. Scroll down to find it in the PHP section.

Thanks Lee!

Pulpo Loco

Another Tipsy example complete! Pulpo Loco is a simple self hosted MySQL/PostgreSQL URL shortener using PHP and AngularJS.

Have a look over at or visit its source over at GitHub.

For more Tipsy examples check out the Examples page.

Tipsy gets benchmarked against other popular PHP frameworks. Acording to these tests, Tipsy is the fastest extension-free framework (both phalcon and ice require compiled PHP C extensions to work).

PHP Framework Benchmark

Tipsy v0.10.3

New Tipsy, new sample code.

With the latest release of Tipsy we get performance improvments, PostgreSQL support, and a bunch of easily deployable examples, including Hello World, Blog Example, and Beer Squirrel.

Take a look at all examples at Examples.

Gamma Wray

Another website for Loic Zimmermann, this time showcasing his short film.

Most of the design was done by Loic himself. I just threw it together to do things.

Have a look over at

The release of Tipsy (MVW PHP)

Over the last decade I have modified and released several different PHP frameworks, with each version changing as my style changes. This new framework, created almost from scratch for some of my newer, smaller sites, focuses on speed of development, with the idea of making REST based web apps super easy to build.

This new version has been named Tipsy, because, obviously, I made it…and everything else…while drinking.

Tipsy is an MVW (Model View Whatever) framework, following the examples of AngularJS.

Heres a quick example of how easy, yet how powerful and lightweight, Tipsy is:


require_once 'Tipsy.php';
use Tipsy\Tipsy;

$tipsy = new Tipsy;

    ->when('hello', function($Scope, $View) {
        $Scope->user = 'Devin';
    ->otherwise(function() {
        echo '404';



<h1>Welcome, =$user?>!</h1>

Take a look at the source, examples, and documentation, over at Tipsy’s Github Repo.

Learn to build an application using Angular.js

How awesome would it be if there was a short online class on how to build an application using Angular? O wait there already is. Check it out.